illusfair vol. 1.5 THEME :
Guardian Angels for Illustrators

Although the annual illustration event, illusfairHK vol. 2 has been postponed to March 2021 due to the pandemic, our creativity could not be stopped. The illustrators are still painting and creating persistently without us knowing. To give a chance for everyone to see their works and meet with our illustrators before next year’s event, a special intermediary edition, illusfairHK vol. 1.5, is officially launched!

To wash away the stress from the past months, illusfairHK vol. 1.5 is here to bring colors and joy to everyone. We are honoured to have the talented Miloza Ma creating our main key visual under the theme “Guardian Angels for Illustrators”. Through her characteristic use of bright and eye-catching colors plus her unique view of the world, she created a joyous universe for us. We pray for the gods to bless all illustrators, protect everyone and lead us all towards our goals and our dreams!

Ah仔Helren / My Mind
Venus Philosophy
Haru and Furi
treetreetes (樹樹)
After Wonderland (Core Lo)
Garyi Illustration
Don't Cry in the Morning
PureHay 大包心靈咭
奈樂樂 Nalok.Lok
Mandy Chan / Mstandforc
karman chiu 森臨
Daniel and Dorothy
Momo Leung
Stretching bear
not decided yet
咖喱張 CurryCheung
Grape Chan Art
Yoko @ yoda factory
Daryl @ yoda factory
Make a wish
Nicole Roquel
sola sofa
Kwokin Leung
Man Lau
Sleeping Pen 睡睡筆
Jack lee
張宗達 / 龍騰工房
水熊阿蟲 Water Bear Gulu
Stella the dreamcatcher
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