normally abnormal

Your abnormality. My normality.

Illustration comes in millions of styles — digital, ink, pencil color…you name it, we have it. One same object, a thousand interpretations — a person may be drawn as comically cute, classically beautiful or even become a mythical creature with long-horns and one-eye. The styles are limitless just as our imaginations. With art, there may be trends, or likes and dislikes, but there is never a “right” or a “wrong”. Just keep drawing and exploring.

This edition of IllusfairHK is here to bring you a different experience. What will happen when illustration meets multimedia if we give all artists one same theme? “Art Venture Association”, gathered 100+ illustration units and more than 15 local artists, to form a “normally abnormal” parallel space across two locations within K11 art mall. The event, which will span over 1.5 months, will feature an illustration-focused market on one side and a creative multimedia exhibition on the other. With the two parts of the events running hand in hand, we are here to shock your existing conception of what illustration and visual art is or could be. Wandering between the two parallel spaces, you may be left with a touch of the ordinary, or, of eccentric absurdity. 

There is no absolute answer to what’s “normal” or “abnormal”.
In the end of the day, only passion and persistence can make ordinary “extraordinary”.

24 - 26.09.2021
1 - 3 / 8 - 10.10.2021

3 consecutive Fri, Sat, Sun. 3 timeslots in total

Fri. 4-9 p.m (1/10 Public Holiday:12noon-9p.m.)
Sat & Sun 12noon-9p.m.

Pop up @ K11 Art Mall

( An exclusive space over 3000ft. )


✨Make Your Own Terrazzo Artwork✨

Learn and appreciate the traditional craftsmanship of terrazzo – an important building material often seen in Hong Kong’s pre-war buildings – over the span of two days

Date: 25/9-26/9 , 2/10-3/10
1hr 30min. per workshop ( in 2 continuous days)
(Please see detail at the application link)

✨ Digital Printing Workshop✨
Make Your Own Tote Bag

Create an unique piece of art by colouring and drawing on top of black-and-white line art templates created by local artists & then print your finished artwork onto a tote bag using the Brother GTX digital garment printer.

Date: 3/10 , 10/10
45min. per workshop (Please see detail at the application link)

C Windows System Company Limited I Brother

✨Screen Print Workshop✨
Make Your Own Tote Bag

Choose from a range of artist’s illustrations to print on your bag & customise your own tote bag with silk screen printing.

Date: 3/10 , 10/10
45min. per workshop (Please see detail at the application link)

Learn basic embroidery techniques and make a banana-shaped brooch.

Date: 2/10 , 9/10
2hrs. per workshop
(Please see detail at the application link)

Decorate and Colour Your Own
✨Gold Leaf Mahjong Tiles✨

Learn the traditional craft of mahjong making, an intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong with a longstanding history

Date: 9/10
2hrs. per workshop
(Please see detail at the application link)

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