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OPEN for Application

Application Deadline: until further notice

Eligible for application

  1. illusfairHK is an illustration exhibition, the works submitted at the time of application and the works to be sold/exhibited during the exhibition must be the original creation of the applicant (including the illustrations and the related products) ;
  2. age 18 years old or above;
  3. a professional/amateur illustrator, or a student who is studying illustration, or for whom is passionate about illustration.

* General booth application is for individual only, for group, society or organization application, please request by email or direct message us in our Facebook page.

Application Detail

Booth Type &


Booth Type

2 booth types: Half Table or Full Table

Full table size is 180cm x 61cm or 152cm x 76cm(thus, half table is 90cm x 30cm or 76cm x 38cm),(Please note that location and size of booth will be allocated by the Organizer)

Timeslots & Booth Fee

Each slot is 2.5-3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun). Total 3 slots. Illustrator can pick the desired timeslot to apply. You can choose one slot or more.

Date and time of each slot:

24-26.09.2021  or  8-10.10.2021

Half table $990 per slot / 2.5 days per slot (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Full table $1780 per slot  / 2.5 days per slot (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Fri. 4-9 p.m. ( Setup time is 1-4p.m.)
Sat & Sun 12noon-9p.m.

*Attendance on Friday is optional for above 2 slots. If the illustrator cannot attend or will be late on Friday slot, please advise the Organizer prior to the event (Booth fee remains the same). Friday night will have busking to attract more visitors to the fair, thus please do try to attend where possible. It’s compulsory to be onsite for Sat and Sun once your booth is confirmed.  


Half table $1180 per slot / 2.5 days per slot (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Full table $1920 per slot  / 2.5 days per slot (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Fri. 12noon-9p.m. ( Setup time is 10a.m.-12noon)
Sat & Sun 12noon-9p.m.
*As 1/10 is a public holiday,it’s compulsory to be onsite for Fri, Sat and Sun for this slot, once your booth is confirmed.

Appliciant’s artwork must be original works by the artist, the Organiser retains the right to reject applications that fail to comply with our requirements. If the number of applicants are overwhelming, the Organiser will pick the successful applicants.

Optional ITEM

Risograph Exhibiton

*Application for Optional Item is FULL *

Based on the same theme: normally abnormal, there will be a creative exhibition held in chi K11 art space (B2/F) in parallel to illusfairHK. The exhibition will feature 2D graphics, mix-media, animations and art installations etc. We invite successful applicants of “IllusfairHK 2021 normally abnormal” to exhibit in the Risograph Zone with us.

Zone A in the below map of chi K11 Art Space (B2/F) shall be the Risograph Exhibition Zone.

normally abnormal Creative Exhibition
- Curator Statement

Your abnormality. My normality.

When we think we are living normally, others might think we are strange.

Men looking at women, the old looking at the young.
Lunatics looking at geniuses, left-handed looking at right-handed.
Everyone lives his own way, which normal is “normal”?

Is “normal” defined by the ones who blindly follow the trends, or, by the “weird” ones who grew up in an already abnormal world?

Is it because you can’t stand being normal that makes you “abnormal”? Or is there no such thing as normal or abnormal right from the start?

Curated by Art Venture Association, the exhibition showcases the works of more than 20 local artists. Each using their preferred medium – be it 2D or 3D, stills or animations, graphics or installations – they are here to tell what “normality” maybe. Will you be left with a touch of the ordinary, or of eccentric absurdity?

As usual, this place is now filled with absurdity.
May everything return to its “normal” state by the end of your visit.


  1. Risograph Zone is an optional activity. Space is limited. If the number of applicants are overwhelming, the Organiser will pick the successful applicants for the zone.
  2. Each illustrator will exhibit one art piece at the Risograph Art Prints Zone. The Artwork needs to base on the theme “normally abnormal”. Please refer to the curator statement
  3. The successful applicant for this zone must submit artwork sketch and artist statement by 12 August。To make sure the work aligns to the theme, the Organiser will confirm if the sketch and artist statement is accepted by 16 August (The Organiser reserves the right to reject any works that are deemed indecent; shows violence, discrimination, political bias, or ones that encourage others to hate or fear of any person; or insult others)。Final Artwork File should be submitted by 30 AugustArtwork file must conform to the specifications of Risograph production (artwork files are to include Risogrpah artwork及CMYK preview files)*。Shall the provided artworks fail to comply with the artwork production specifications, The Organiser can only try our best to achieve the best printing result that’s possible within limits
  4. Fee:As we need to print the Risograph Artprints for exhibtion,printing will be organised by the Organiser. Successful applicants of the Risograph Exhibition Zone need to pay an extra production fee of $600. (This fee includes the printing costs of 20 pcs, max 4C/Size A3 Risograph Artprints,one of the 20 pcs will be used as an exhibit. The remaining Risograph Artprints will be sold during the fair. The selling price will be $220/pc,the income from sales of Risograph Artworks minus 30% commission fee towards the Venue and administrative fee will be returned to the illustrator (i.e. For each Risograph Artprints sold, the illustrator will get $154)。Artprints that are not sold in the fair will be returned to the illustrator.

*NOTE:Risograph production is different to normal printing,appliciants must first understand the process and artwork production specifications. The Organiser will not be liable for errors in the finished product due to artwork issues. The following are some references, and it is strongly recommended that the participating illustrators should first get in-depth understanding by themselves. The following are some references, and it is strongly recommended that the participating illustrators should first get in-depth understanding by themselves.

Reference 1 I Reference 2

Entry Terms & COnditions

All appliciants must read and comply to IllusfairHK’s notes to participants and entry rules.

Online Application

of application result

Please note that accepted applicants will receive a confirmation email within one 7 days after application submitted. Due to the limited number of booth, no further notice will be given if the application is not accepted for any reason.


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